Directed by Caroline Cutaia

Cinematography by Nicos ARGILLET

for Maïa Barouh

produced by Saravah

composed by Martin Meissonnier
lyrics by Stephane Balmino
remixed by Sotoko


Directed by Jaw + Nicos Argillet

Cinematography by David Moerman 

for Les fils du Calvaire

Produced by La Banane

Directed by Louise Ernandez

Cinematography by Nicos Argillet

for JAW

produced by La Banane

Director, Cinematographer & Editor Nicos Argillet

for dOP

produced by NAP


EPK broadcasted on Icelandic TV Channel RUV for the Album release

 Director, Cinematographer & Editor Nicos Argillet / Journalist Freyr Eyjolfsson

Starwalker. A band title that encapsulates the music and visuals of two electropop icons – France’s Jean-Benoit Dunckel (Air / Tomorrow’s World) and Icelandic composer Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang, Lady & Bird). The soft, spatial sounds of Starwalker envelop and enchant and, true to the nature of this project, Starwalker’s creations are being unveiled tantalisingly, bit by bit. This fresh new collaboration is as enigmatic and intriguing as the name that represents it. Watch. Wait. Embrace the mystery. Broadcasted on RUV (Icelandic National TV Channel) during the show Kastljos. 

Directed by Elodie Francheteau & Marc Payen

Cinematography By Nicos Argillet & Marc Payen


Directed & Edited by Nicos Argillet

Behind the scene video of Santiago Sierra's - NO Global Tour shot on location in Iceland.

Produced by Listasafn Reykjavikur / Reykjavik Art Museum