Back from the Moken World - Peuple des Mers : Moken, les derniers nomades de la mer / ARTE

Between Thailand and Myanmar, the Moken, the last Sea Nomads still live as animistic hunter-gatherers. Despite the government seizing their Islands and the world around them becoming obsessed with mass consumption, the Moken are trying to perpetuate a culture that goes back to the stone age.

For 10 days, I had the pleasure to share the everyday life of Ngui and his family, sailing around the beautiful Islands of south-west Thailand on a Kabang, a vessel that represent both their culture and their knowledge. 

This journey would not have been possible without Runar Jarle Wiik and his amazing crew : Capkin van AlphenTanit NuisucholBeer SupaneePotjanee NuisucholHook Moken Gh

And without the Découpages team : Marc ThiercelinStephane Correa & Ségolène Fossard

It's now editing time, and things are just getting started !