Upcoming ARTE Documentary

This summer I had the chance to spend a full month travelling around France for the upcoming documentary « Vox Circus : les voix du cirque », written & directed by Netty Radvanyi and myself, and produced by Program33 for Arte.

A perfect opportunity to fly an ARRI Alexa Mini on a Freefly Systems Movi M5, and to test many little tricks in the wild.

Big up to my crew, Stephane Correa, Théo Ivanez & Jodie Arnoux.

And big thanks to the amazing artists and performers : Yoann Bourgeois , Jorg Muller, Sanja Kosonen, Chloé Moglia Rhizome, Camille Boitel, Fray Alexandre / Arno Ferrera / Alex Mondiale (Cie Un Loup pour l’Homme), Antoine Thereon et le collectif XY.

Looking forward to start editing !